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All classes are open to drop-ins.  No pre-registration or membership is required.  Thanks to the gracious support of our students through additional donations, we are pleased to offer all classes for $18.


"If I had to pick just one instructor or call one my 'favorite'?  I simply could not. For each of you brings a different presence and a valued importance to my yoga practice and my spiritual health. I need All of You. Thank you for a year of precious yoga, perhaps the best ever!"


Namaste, Nancy

Tips for Beginners

✴As with any exercise program, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor prior to participating.

✴If you are new to our community, be sure to introduce yourself to the teacher and let him or her know how much experience you have, and if there is anything he or she should know about you (injuries, illness, pregnancy, etc.).

✴Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Whenever possible, abstain from eating for two hours prior to class.

✴Please be mindful of your hygiene for the comfort of others. Also, refrain from wearing perfume or cologne to class.

✴Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

✴Wear clean, comfortable, (not baggy) clothing. Expert tip: reconsider loose fitting shorts!

✴The only equipment you will need is a sticky mat. Though it’s most sanitary to have your own, you are welcome to borrow one at no cost to you.

✴Please leave cell phones and beepers outside, or turn them completely off.

✴Don’t be surprised if you sweat! The body can warm significantly through a regular practice, which softens muscle and connective tissue, reducing the risk of injury. The heat you cultivate from within is also an integral component of the purification process, so if you start feeling warm, enjoy it!

✴Though it is important to hydrate after practice, it is generally best not to consume water during the practice. This cools the body, increasing the risk of injury, and can cause nausea. If you must have water during class, drink it at room temperature.

✴Do not look around and watch other students. Keep your attention on yourself, and/or the teacher. Know that the other students are giving you the same privacy.

✴Do not compete with or compare yourself to other students or the teacher.✴Ask for help at any time from the teacher during class.

✴Above all, please be respectful and considerate of the other students in class and extend the same courtesy to yourself.

✴In choosing the right class for you, the most important overall consideration is your physical health. If you have health concerns such as high blood pressure (unregulated), chronic pain, vertigo, or an injury, the gentle flow classes and basics classes are probably best to begin with. If you are healthy and currently active but feel tight, you will be fine in our moderate and vigorous classes; we will assist you in modifying the postures to meet your needs. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Erin.

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